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Welcome to the Conover Tires, Wheels, and Service, Inc. Blog! Here we will keep you updated on important information regarding your vehicle, any changes or updates with the shop, or just an encouraging verse and funny joke now and then. This is our way of staying connected with our wonderful customers. Remember, at Conover Tires, Wheels, and Service, Inc. you might walk in a new customer, but you'll leave feeling like a member of the family. Visit us weekly for new information! Integrity, Honesty, and Quality Work

Coolant and Cooler Weather
In Southern California we can have blistering hot summers as well as freezing cold winters. However, even with cooling weather, the coolant in your car has just as much work to do as it does in the summer. Coolant, aka antifreeze, keeps the temperature of your engine at a stable level so it may work properly and maintain the safety of everyone riding inside. Your auto's coolant removes heat from your engine and dissipates it through your radiator. Due to the hot and hostile environment in which it works, coolant breaks down over time and if not maintained at the proper levels can cause rust, and breakdown your engine from the inside out. Changing your coolant, just as you would your car's oil, is a simple preventative maintenance to keep your engine from having more serious and costly issues.
Firstly, you can check your vehicle's manual to see how often you are supposed to change your coolant. However, checking your coolant is easy to do. While the engine is cool, pop your hood and look for a plastic coolant recovery tank which is connected to your radiator by a hose. There will be a minimum and a maximum line. The coolant should be at or just above the minimum line. If you were to check while your engine is still hot, the coolant should be at or below the max line.
Remember that every vehicle is different. If you have questions or believe that it is time for a coolant flush, then come by our shop and let us look at it for you. Just because the weather outside is getting colder, doesn't mean that your coolant has less work to do. Keep your car healthy by changing the coolant promptly when necessary.

Words of Encouragement
"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

 Laughing Out Loud
An elderly couple is getting ready for bed. She says, "Oh, I am just so hungry for ice cream and there isn't any in the house." He says, “I’ll go get some." She says, "Vanilla with chocolate sauce, with whipped cream on top and a cherry." She adds, "Please write it down, I know you'll forget." He says, “I won't forget; Vanilla with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry."
Away he goes. Hours later he comes back and hands her a paper bag. In it is a ham sandwich. She says," I told you to write it down! You forgot the mustard."

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Written on Friday, October 26, 2012 by Conover
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